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Lion's Mane Plus Herbal Caps

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Lion's Mane Plus

120 Capsules - Dietary Supplement

Commonly Used to Support the Brain & Aging Cells

1,000 mg per capsule

Maca Root 600 mg per capsule 

Learn more about the Herbs in Lion's Main Plus 

Lion's Mane

Lions Mane has been proven to reduce memory loss and increase cognitive functions in general. Part of its power comes from its ability to heal, regenerate, and establish new nerves, neurons and other types of cells (especially cells that make up our brains). Mushrooms in general serve a similar function in the environment. They often sit above, but mostly beneath the soil connecting roots from different plants, to rocks and the surrounding soil. The mushroom extracts nutrients from the surrounding area, its connected to, and feeds these nutrients to plants that are apart of these fungal bridges. To put it simply, the mushroom utilizes what's in our body to better heal and repair itself. Lions Mane, to draw an analogy, upgrades our operating system to allow more efficient healing and less buildup of senile plaque, that left unchecked, could cause dementia or other cognitive impairments in the long term.  

Maca Root

Studies have shown Maca Root provides several health benefits, such as more energy, increased libido and better mood.



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